Paessler: PRTGdroid

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Paessler: PRTGdroid

Platform: AndroidPricing: freePaessler recently launched PRTGdroid, a new mobile monitoring app for Android phones and tablets. PRTGdroid connects to existing servers to give IT managers at-a-glance access to detailed network status information.

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Webroot: Mobile Security

Platform: AndroidPricing: $14.99 (basic version is free)Webroots new mobile security application for Android smartphones and tablets has anti-malware tools to block threats, and uses both cloud-based and URL scanning technologies to assess the safety of Website links. It also checks device settings to ensure they are secure.

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Trend Micro: Mobile Security for Android

Platform: AndroidPricing: $3.99Trend Micros Mobile Security protects identity and banking information from phishing attacks on Websites, as well as stopping users from downloading malicious apps.

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AVG: AVG Mobilation for Android

Platform: Android tabletsPricing: free/pad AVG has antivirus software for Android smartphones, but AVG Mobilation for Android scans tablets to find apps, settings, data and media files that may be infected with malware. It can remotely locate and wipe the tablet. It cant tell the difference between jailbreak apps and external security threats.

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Kaspersky: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

Platform: BlackBerry, Android, Symbian OS, NokiaPricing: $29.95 per year, or free for the basic versionAvailable directly from Kasperskys servers, the app isnt available on the Android Market or other app stores. It contains anti-spam protection, antivirus, firewall, remote find/block/wipe, and privacy features.

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McAfee: WaveSecure

Platform: BlackBerry, Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, JavaPricing: $19.90 per yearMcAfees WaveSecure product allows users to back up and restore user data, lock and wipe devices remotely, track the handset via GPS, and block thieves from changing SIM cards.

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Creative Apps: Antivirus Free

Platform: AndroidPricing: freeThe app scans applications already installed on the Android smartphones and cross-checks them against its own reference database of known malicious applications.

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Aegis Lab: AppScan Beta

Platform: AndroidPricing: FreeAppScan Beta from Aegis Lab is designed to stop users from downloading malware onto the Android smartphone. Any spyware and malware detected on apps from the Android Market are flagged as "suspicious."

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Lookout: Lookout Mobile Security

Platform: Android, BlackBerry, Windows MobilePricing: freeThe Lookout Mobile Security app runs a virus scan for every downloaded app, tracks the handset when lost (but wont perform any remote wipes or locks), and backs up the phones data.

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Symantec: Norton Mobile Security

Platform: AndroidPricing: freeSymantecs Norton Mobile Security detects and removes threats and forbidden files from the mobile device, scans SD memory cards for viruses, spyware and other threats, and scans all files downloaded to the phone.

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Accellion: Accellion Mobile Apps

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerryPricing: free for the app; separate system costsAccellions mobile app is not exactly an anti-malware product. Instead, it allows users to securely access corporate files from mobile devices and smartphones in a secure manner. The organization pays $15 per user per month for $100 for the Accellion system.

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