Romanian Hacker Broadcasts eBay Customer Accounts

"Born_To_Scam_American_Guys" posted valid SSNs, credit card numbers and ATM pins after saying that Romanian boys are learning how to scam people while American and Canadian boys "eat burgers at McDolnalds and watch naked girls on interne

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eBay has confirmed that, early on the morning of March 8 EST, an alleged Romanian hacker calling himself "Born_To_Scam_American_Guys" posted records for 15 eBay users on an eBay forum for between 40-60 minutes before the company removed them.

The posts were put up on the Trust & Safety board. According to other forum members who claimed to have taken part in the discussion and begged eBay to take down the information, the hacker signed in under a hijacked account and began taunting others, with the final result being the posting of the 15 accounts.

According to, a site dedicated to eBay watching, the post that kicked it all off appeared at 1:52 EST on the forum. The initial post, according to, reads:

"read many opinions here.... All I saw its just [misspelled obscenity]....Alot of things about scamms..stupid things I think. Romanian guys are the best boys !!!! We are in each country...each city...and every day alot of money from your pocket intro in pur bank accounts....You know why ?? I will tell you my opinion...because you are so stupid ..... anyone can scam you very easy....not only with fake escrow and shipping websites....

"For us nothing is not cards...spam....wire transfers... alot of things boys !!! WHy ??? Because we are the best !!!! Lets ask you something : what make the american and canadian boys at 14-15 years old ????? Eat burgers at McDolnalds and watch naked girls on internet porno webpages.... Romanian guys at 14-15 years old scam people...learn how to build a profesional to hack a internet server...and many more another "bad" things....

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"Me , personally , receive every day between 1000 and 5000 eBay accounts from spam and hack.... Is so easy to stolen your eBay account and your just a funny game for us....... Go to and read the forum.... Romanian guys scam last year 10 milions sellers and buyers from USA and Canada with Paypal accounts....How ??? Paypal is very safe.... Good joke.... Is safe only in your dream boys.....!!!! HE HE HE !!!!!!!!

"Lets me say you a unreal thing.... Is much easy to scam with Paypal....Westen Union is a little complicate now to scam....the police are very carefful with Western Union offices.... Last thing : Why big companies from internet market want only romanian guys to work for them ????? Because WE ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!! Author : Born_To_Scam_American_Guys"

According to, shortly after the above posting was removed from eBay, Born_To_Scam_American_Guys posted another post, entitled: "Smart Americans."

"This time rather than brag or taunt, he simply provided proof that he does indeed have access to the information he referred to and the ability to use it," said Firemeg.coms posting.

The posting that ensued included Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, credit card verification numbers, bank account and routing numbers, ATM PIN numbers, mothers maiden names, birth dates, drivers license numbers, as well as home addresses and full contact information.

Catherine England, a spokeswoman for eBay, said that only half the accounts were legitimate. The other half looked like fraudulent accounts based on verification information that didnt clear eBays verification process, she said. As for the half that were legitimate eBay accounts, eBay was in the process of contacting the victims as of Friday, March 9, 7:40 p.m. EST.

Some of the victims eBay had managed to contact by that time said that all of the information posted about them was accurate, while others noted some inaccuracies, England said.

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