RSA Conference 11 Products to Watch

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RSA Conference 11 Products to Watch

by Cameron Sturdevant

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Rule Generator

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Desktops now has auto rules generation to speed time to deployment and ease policy generation tasks.

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Phantom Manager

Phantom taps into VMware Vsafe APIs to provide visibility into the virtual network and an ability to combine this with physical monitoring tools.

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The QualysGuard Enterprise Suite scans web applications for security risks and generates extensive reports.

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Spyrus P-384

The PocketVault P-384 encrypting USB flash drive uses the same security designed to protect military secrets and runs on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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Xceedium GateKeeper

Xceedium GateKeeper controls, contains, and audits the activity of privileged users, inside and outside the network. Version 5.2.1 streamlines access by privileged users who are connecting remotely to a network through an SSL VPN.

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CEP 10000

The CEP10G VSE from Certes Networks is a multi-layer encryption appliance that provides tunnel-less encryption for Layer 2 (Ethernet), Layer 3 (IP) networks, and Layer 4 (MPLS) networks to ensure data security.

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SSL Inspector

The Netronome SSL Inspector is a proxy for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) network communications, providing existing sniffing, recording and filtering security appliances with access to the decrypted plaintext of SSL-encrypted flows.

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HyTrust Appliance

The HyTrust Appliance is a network-based policy management solution for virtual infrastructure that provides administrative access control, security configuration, hypervisor hardening, and audit-quality logging.

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Cheetah 15k

Seagate is shipping self-encrypting data center and laptop hard drives that comply with a Trusted Computing Group technical specification that assures broad interoperability of laptop PCs and self-encrypting hard drives.

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CipherCloud Cloud Security Gateway

CipherCloud provides Cloud Data Protection for platforms such as CRM by installing the virtual appliance in the network that encrypts all information entered into the application before it hits the cloud. The only set of encryption keys created reside on the enterprise side so that only authorized users can view it.

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The YubiKey authentication key is now available as one of the strong authentication methods in Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service. VIP users and customers can use the very small YubiKey to simplify and secure the login process.

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