Rumor of Internet Super Exploit

The security research center ISC warns of possible new exploits for Windows vulnerabilities identified in Microsoft's latest patches.

An unconfirmed report from the Internet Storm Center at The SANS Institute indicates the possibility of exploits circulating that target the vulnerabilities patched just last week by Microsoft Corp.

The report, titled "Possible combined exploits of MS vulnerabilities," says that there is no general outbreak but that the group is hearing rumors of "super" exploits that "may target several of the vulnerabilities announced by Microsoft on Tuesday."

The ISC says that they have been contacted by an individual who had been infected by such an exploit, but that they are still investigating.

The four patches were included in Microsofts monthly scheduled release of patches for security problems and addressed a large number of "critical" and "important" vulnerabilities. Experts, including the ISC, recommend that users patch quickly.