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Like I said, if Secure IE does the job for just $29.99, perhaps its money well-spent. But theres an alternative. If youre open to the idea of not using the orthodox Internet Explorer, even with XP Service Pack 2, then perhaps you should just save the $29.99 and start using Mozilla or Firefox. Ive been using Firefox on and off for a few weeks now, and theres a lot to like about it. /zimages/2/28571.gif

There are definitely a lot of little problems, just as there are with Secure IE (for example, neither of them print as well as Internet Explorer), but its free and is being actively developed and youre actually more likely to fly under the radar of IE-specific attacks than you are with Secure IE. Of course, with Secure IE youre much more likely to have good luck with those sites that demand Internet Explorer, and if you need to run an ActiveX control you can.

Theres a lot more to Secure IE that I havent covered, and if youre interested you should read through the product page on Winfernos site. I suppose I would rather have a novice user running Secure IE than regular IE in XP SP1, but advanced users can protect themselves just fine with XP SP2.

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