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Settings Aim to Secure Windows 2000

Top U.S. and private sector security experts today will unveil Windows 2000 standard settings that aim to help administrators lock down networks.

Symantec Goes on Shopping Spree

Symantec buys Riptech, Recourse and SecurityFocus for a total price of $355 million in cash.

U.S. Consensus Standards Likely Enforced

Top U.S. IT officials said consensus standards likely will be enforced for federal agencies, but will industry follow suit?

McAfee Rejects NAIs Second Advance

| Corp.'s board on Tuesday rejected an offer from its largest shareholder, security giant Network Associates Inc., to buy all of the company's outstanding shares.

On XP, Evolution, and Why DOS Must Not Die

Peter Coffee: Readers make good points about XP's plug-and-play capability. I explain how technological "evolution" threatens the availability and lifespan of DOS and other valuable legacy technologies.

Feds Apply IT Lessons

Government pushes interagency data sharing in wake of attacks.

Rush Is on to Back Security Spec

RSA, Netegrity, Baltimore to demo SAML-compliant solutions at show.

Liberty Alliance Spec Wont Cure Security Mess

The Liberty Alliance Project will unveil its specification for identity management this week.

NetIQ Develops Tools to Kill Camera/Shy

The Internet security company announced Monday new tools to detect and disable the anti-censorship app.

Procedure is Key to Good Security

eLABorations: It's important to have a plan in place because products focus on performance, not on foiling attacks

PGP Flaw Affects Microsoft Outlook

Flaw in popular Desktop Security plug-in may affect users of Microsoft's Outlook mail client.

iPlanet Web Server Vulnerable to Attackers

Buffer overrun vulnerability gives a remote attacker the ability to run arbitrary code on vulnerable machines.

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