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More Security News Gobbles Privacy

| is the premier job Web site, and as far as privacy advocates are concerned, it's about as scary as they get.

Microsoft Security Tool Defends IIS

Looking to repair the real and public-relations damage done by Code Red worms during the last few weeks, Microsoft Corp. last week released a security tool designed to lock down Internet Information Services servers and prevent further large-scale attacks


Bureaucratic bungling is pandemic in Washington, D.C., but when it comes to information security enforcement, the FBI is setting new levels of razworthy incompetence

Hype Takes a Holiday

There has been a lot of mourning about the bursting of the New Economy bubble, but here's one big plus: Mindless hype has largely gone out of style

Microsoft Adds Security Option

Microsoft's Personal Security Advisor certainly can't replace a well-designed set of group policies and a strong initial Windows and Office installation, but the free Web-based app can give you a quick-and-dirty security audit in just a few seconds

IE 6.0: Big in Name Only

Microsoft browser aims low but squarely with its feature set

Startup Preps Weapon for DDOS Attacks

While DDOS attacks have become more prevalent and more varied, users' defenses have changed little-shut off the flow of traffic, call your service provider and ask for filters, then hold your breath and hope it works.

Shakeout Threatens Managed Security Clients

Rapid consolidation in the managed security business can have costly results for corporations that entrust the safety of their most valuable information to companies in danger of disappearing tomorrow

Seek and Destroy

New network weapons freeze attacks on sight

Theres No Silver Bullet for Net Security

Now is a lousy time to be in charge of network security. And not just because of the regular occurrence of dangerous new problems such as Code Red and its progeny

eFiles: August 27, 2001

Next time your enterprise is hacked, one place to look for security holes should be your WLAN

McAfee.coms Denial-Of-Service Prevention Efforts Could Fall Short

| has launched a preliminary assault on DoS attacks that it hopes will illustrate its leadership as a security powerhouse. McAfee's detractors aren't so sure it can fulfill that promise.

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