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eFiles: August 27, 2001

Next time your enterprise is hacked, one place to look for security holes should be your WLAN

McAfee.coms Denial-Of-Service Prevention Efforts Could Fall Short

| has launched a preliminary assault on DoS attacks that it hopes will illustrate its leadership as a security powerhouse. McAfee's detractors aren't so sure it can fulfill that promise.

Alliance Takes on DDoS

McAfee, trio share research, combine on tools.

Code Red Is Old Hat, If Youve Kept Your Head Out of the Sand

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you've probably heard all you ever wanted to know about the so-called "Code Red" crisis that's been clogging networks worldwide since its discovery on July 19.

Insurer: Microsoft Is a Costly Choice

Insurance broker J.S. Wurzler Underwriting Managers has started charging up to 15 percent more in premiums to clients that use Microsoft's Internet Information Server software, which the Code Red worm feasted on.

Private Vigilance

While the government lumbers along with a muddled potpourri of public and semipublic centers and councils to fight cybercrime, a handful of private organizations offer an alternative.

Passport Under Fire

Privacy, consumer groups petition FTC over services, XP.

E-Theft: Whos Liable?

Watch out, online merchants: here comes the law.

Ballmer Stirs Crowd With Monster Mash

Images of "Young Frankenstein" came rushing back to the Whiskered One last week as he watched a video clip of Steve Ballmer that was making its way around the Web.

Code Red Lessons, Big and Small

IT managers and users alike who were affected by the Code Red worm have gone through the latest round of requisite security "lessons learned."

Leave Security to Insiders

Protecting networks from outside attack is far too important to just run "by the numbers."

Wireless LANs Dealt New Blow

Security goes from bad to worse

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