Anturis Expands Apache Monitoring in Upgraded Software

The release of Anturis 1.3 comes about a week after the company receives $2 million in funding.

Anturis is upgrading its namesake Antruis infrastructure monitoring system, about a week after announcing a $2 million round of financing.

Anturis' software is aimed at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and Internet service providers, and is designed to bridge the gap between enterprise-class monitoring and troubleshooting solutions that are out of the price range of many smaller companies and the do-it-yourself open-source alternatives, according to company officials.

Version 1.3 comes two months after the company released version 1.2.

The newest version includes functionality that enables organizations to more easily monitor Apache, the open-source Web server. Apache is efficient and secure, but its use of extendable modular architecture can make it complex and difficult to use, Anturis officials said. Websites can hit snags if the Apache configuration is incorrect, causing slow responses or service denial, they said. This can be particularly frustrating for consumers during busy online times—like the holiday shopping season—which can cost SMBs, which make much of their sales and profit during such times.

The Anturis Version 1.3 software offers advanced monitoring of Apache performance metrics—such as the number of workers, traffic, and CPU and memory consumption—giving businesses a heads-up when problems occur. In addition, the software offers statistics on Apache that give SMBs the information they need to better optimize their Websites and applications, company officials said.

Anturis' offering also brings with it new system load monitoring capabilities, which help keep an eye on the amount of work given to servers. For Windows systems, it's the average number of processes in queue for CPU execution, officials said. For Linux, it's the average of CPU queue length plus I/O queue length—the average number of processes waiting for either the CPU or I/O.

Other new and enhanced features include updated process monitoring, reformatted error description and an improved billing user interface.

Company executives said earlier this month they will use the new $2 million in funding to help expand the reach of their product globally, conduct more development and research, and conduct new marketing and sales initiatives.

"Our mission is to keep the IT infrastructure of millions of businesses around the world up and running every minute of the day," Anturis CEO Sergey Nevstruev said in a statement. "To accomplish this, we have painstakingly developed the ideal solution, both comprehensive but simple to administer. With this round of funding, we will expand our worldwide reach and help eliminate 'downtime' from the business vocabulary."