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Applications to Run on Ingres">

Wheres the downside?

If its the same syntax and the same statement definition, it would probably run exactly the same. However, if you look at Oracle applications, probably 90 percent of those written against Oracle use PL/SQL.

If you dont have the ability to use PL/SQL, you just cant take those applications and run on another database. Thats why we generated the challenge: The biggest challenge was to develop capabilities to develop PL/SQL applications that run on Ingres. I doubt EDB has that capability today.

Well see that lack of compatibility when applications dont run unchanged. … Ask [Andy Astor] if he can demonstrate OpenCms running on EDB—that would be a good proof point.

What Oracle applications now run on Ingres, besides OpenCms?

Some internal [CA] applications. ... Also Compiere, the open ERP application. Were in discussions with building compatibility with Ingres. One way to do that is use Shift2Ingres.

What about commercial applications to run on Ingres? With whom are you talking?

An enterprise company with a three-letter acronym … is the pinnacle. A bunch of other, tier 2 players represent a real potential market as well. The likes of Siebel would be an example. The Aribas, the Siebels, the i2s.

Its Oracle or open source. Where open source is an alternative to using a high-cost product. [If youre talking to a company like SAP AG, you ask,] Do you want to provide an alternative to the high-cost commercial license approach by using open source?

Were seeing demand from our shared customer base with big enterprise players where they want to see some cost reduction, and were talking to parties about how to do that.

Whos considering shifting to Ingres?

The biggest area were seeing interest in is definitely in [migrating from] Oracle. I think a lot of it is because, if you look at the way large organizations deploy, they have core systems typically running on Oracle, and then they have a series of edge applications: periphery applications that are maybe being served with data content from core systems as well as from other applications. Typically a lot of these applications have been developed in Oracle, also.

In terms of industries, its very broad. It ranges from Wall Street-type companies: finance companies that have strategies for moving applications from Sybase to some other platform, all the way to mom-and-pop-type shops looking at using open-source alternatives to take out some costs of their infrastructures. And big conglomerates as well.

Theyre still very much in the evaluation stage. We have a few customers who we are fairly close to writing success stories with. [That will happen] within days to weeks.


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