Embeddable DB Targets Telcos

Support for Carrier-Grade Linux in Sleepycat's Berkeley DB could relieve manufacturers of some development costs.

Sleepycat Software Inc. this week rolled out a version of Berkeley DB, its open-source embedded data management software, for Linux operating systems that comply with a recent Open Source Development Lab Inc. specification used by telecommunications equipment manufacturers and telecom network operators.

Released last year, the OSDL CGL (Carrier-Grade Linux) 1.1 specincludes standards such as the Linux Standards Base, IPv6, SNMP support, and POSIX interfaces for timers, signals, message queues, semaphores, event logging and threads.

The advantage to supporting CGL 1.1 goes back to the fact that in the telecommunications world there are a host of hardware devices, many of which run their own operating systems. Running Linux as opposed to these device-specific operating systems offers the possibility of lowering costs when porting applications from device to device. The fact that the open-source community supports the Linux OS relieves the burden from telecom device makers such as Nokia or Ericsson.

Linux distributors who have already announced support for CGL 1.1 include MontaVista Software Inc., Red Hat Inc., SuSE Linux A.G. and Turbolinux Inc.

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