FreeBSD, Meet Debian

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FreeBSD, Meet Debian

The Debian 6 feature that I was most interested in checking out was the operating systems new FreeBSD kernel variant.

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ZFS Storage

The new kFreeBSD variants of Debian 6 bring new features such as ZFS storage to the distribution.

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Debian 6 Desktop

While best-suited for server roles, Debian 6 can also perform well as a desktop environment.

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Software Center

Ubuntus App Store-like Software Center, which put a friendly face on the distributions massive collection of ready-to-install software packages, is now available in Debian 6.

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Net Installer

For most of my installs, I opted for small, network-based install images that reach over the network to Debian mirror servers to fetch the files needed for an installation.

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Free Software First

With version 6, the Debian project has managed to excise all non-free firmware from its default install sources—though they remainaccessible if desired.

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