Is Unix on Borrowed Time? - Page 2

Carrie Burchard, a director at PeopleSoft, said that while the company supports its Unix customers, the long-term replacement of that and the relocation of that expenditure elsewhere are attractive and something PeopleSoft looks forward to.

Torvalds also told the audience that he released on Sunday the first beta for the upcoming Linux 2.6 kernel, which will be followed by a few months of beta testing, and that customers need to test the beta.

"They need to test it under their individual and specific loads. If you want to avoid nasty surprises, test it. Im sure youll be happy, but if there are any issues, well fix them," he said.

For the enterprise, huge increases in scalability will be evident as there are 64-CPU machines running Linux. "But I care more about the desktop experience than scalability, and I am trying to make the whole desktop experience more smooth and graceful, so it could do a lot of things at the same time without the user actually even noticing that," Torvalds said.

Geck said the changeover to the 2.6 kernel will be minor as SuSE is already halfway down that road, while PeopleSofts Burchard told the audience that the company is porting PeopleTools to Linux, which is well under way, and will ultimately have some 170 applications running on the platform.

As always, the issue of was discussed, with VA Softwares Augustin saying it is "filled with sound and signifying nothing. The potential for any real impact on Linux and any Linux industry is virtually none," he said.

"Were looking at a company that is trying to work out what to do with its business. This lawsuit is not about intellectual property, its about specific contractual issues with IBM. When you explain that to customers, they understand it and move on, since Linux offers them compelling value," he said.