LibreOffice 3.3 Suite Advances While Staying True to OpenOffice Roots

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LibreOffice 3.3 Suite Advances While Staying True to OpenOffice Roots

by Fahmida Y Rashid

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The Splash Screen

The splash screen will be familiar to anyone who has worked with OpenOffice before. LibreOffice 3.3 ships with Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. It also ships with a number of templates, such as a budget spreadsheet.

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Improved File Imports

LibreOffice developers recognized that not everyone uses OpenOffice or Microsoft Office for their word processing needs. LibreOffice 3.3 features improved file imports across a range of other applications, including Lotus Word Pro, WordPerfect and Microsoft Works, shown here. Even OpenOffice doesn't quite get Works import right, so this is a welcome feature.

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SVG Import and Edit

Along with improved imports from word processing programs, LibreOffice now boasts the ability to import SVG files into Writer or into Draw to edit them. It is not yet perfect, but it's ahead of OpenOffice in this instance.

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Easier Title Pages

A nifty dialog box makes it really easy to create title pages in Writer.

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Cleaned-Up Printing

One of the areas where it is evident that the developers cleaned up the user interface for LibreOffice is in the print dialog boxes. Across all the LibreOffice applications, the print screen is easier to view compared with

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1 Million Rows and More Like Excel

For anyone who has imported large data sets into Calc, only to have it truncated because it hit the dreaded row limit, this is welcome news: Calc now supports up to 1 million rows, bringing it closer to Microsoft Excel. It also supports key bindings for using Excel keyboard shortcuts as well as Excel formula syntax.

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Slide Handler

The developers also improved slide layout handling in Impress in LibreOffice 3.3, which makes creating presentations less painful.

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New Extensions Bundled In

LibreOffice 3.3 now comes bundled with a number of extensions to make certain tasks easier. One bundled extension, PDF Import, allows users to import PDF files for editing.

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Impress Extension Impressive

LibreOffice developers added a new presenter's console to Impress. Named Presenter View, this extension makes it easier to tweak presentation timing as well as to add notes to a slideshow.

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Language Support

LibreOffice has developers around the world, and Version 3.3 is being released in several languages. Instead of creating a separate installer for each language, LibreOffice now has one installer that allows users to select which language to install.

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