New Linux Study Suggests Fundamental Microsoft Credibility Problems

Opinion: Another day, another lame attempt by Microsoft to show that Windows is better than Linux.

This time around, Microsoft commissioned a study to show that Windows does a better job of serving e-commerce applications than Linux does.

Of course, in the study, they didnt use the same e-commerce or back-engine DBMSs.

OK, right there, without saying another word, anyone who really knows anything about benchmarking knows that the study is fundamentally flawed. Youre not comparing apples to apples; youre comparing apples and oranges.

It would be a different story, if you were trying to compare the transaction speed and reliability of e-commerce packages, but thats not the case here. Microsoft was trying to prove that Windows was better than Linux.

To do this "study," Microsoft hired Security Innovations Inc. Paul Thurrott, a Windows journalist, describes the company as "highly regarded."

I prefer to use Security Innovations own description of its relationship with Microsoft: "Security Innovation is a certified Microsoft partner for security services. We have both the Microsoft SWI and ACE certifications as an authorized professional services provider for Microsoft technologies."

What kind of idiots does Microsoft does think we are, anyway?

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