New Suite Uninspiring but Adequate

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New Suite Uninspiring but Adequate

by P. J. Connolly

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Filters Fit to Data

When enabling a filter in OpenOffice.orgs Calc spreadsheet, selections automatically fit to the data columns that are actually used.

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Pick a Better Word

The thesaurus feature on has been reworked to make it more user-friendly; the context menu now has a sub-menu for synonyms, allowing on-the-fly replacement.

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Better Document Protection

Password protection for Writer documents and Calc spreadsheets has been extended from merely locking unauthorized users out of a file to granting designated users the ability to make changes.

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Set Date, Time and Duration Properties

New custom document properties are available in 3.3 that allow users to define values for date and time, and for duration.

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Pop-up Filtering for Pivot Tables

The DataPilot pivot table tool now allows users to sort and filter with a convenient pop-up window.

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New Slide-Handling Features

The Impress presentation editor now allows the automatic definition of content types and the creation of new slides with a predefined layout.

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X-Axis Labels On-the-Fly

Charts in 3.3 can automatically generate labels for the x-axis from the data, whether stored in a spreadsheet or based on embedded data in a document or presentation.

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Print with Integrated Preview

The print interface in 3.3 has been reworked to include an integrated preview of the document as it will be printed; settings can be refined within the dialog.

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