Red Hats Szulik Discusses JBoss Deal - Page 3

Have you received any indication at all from IBM and Oracle and others about their reaction to the deal?

No, I have not.

Some analysts are seeing this deal as a potentially good thing for Novell and its SUSE Linux operation, especially if IBM and Oracle turn away from you and towards them. Should that happen, how will you counter it?

Were going to counter by producing an outstanding Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 by the end of the calendar year, by creating an optimized open-source platform with JBoss and by continuing to being the technical excellence and service and delivery we already do.

Also, one of the things that should not be discounted is the fact that just three to five years ago Linux was operating in relatively low-risk environments; file-and-print, mid-tier database serving and the like.

Linux has now moved into data centers worldwide, its heterogeneous, the competency and the service delivery is fantastically complex now and no longer trivial.

As we look at our partnering strategy, its increasingly how to bring these values to the customer and as we have seen historically with IBM and others, we partner in the afternoon and compete in the mornings.

But things are a little different now, particularly as JBoss competes head-on with IBM in the middleware space.

Last week IBM made an announcement with Novell at LinuxWorld, and it wasnt that long ago that IBM put $50 million into Novell. As Bob Dylan once said, you dont have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

/zimages/5/28571.gifTo read more about IBMs announcement at LinuxWorld, click here.

Your competitors like Sun plan to capitalize on any possible unhappiness by IBM with this deal. Does that bother you?

I find it amazing that people would be so reckless to comment about our relationships with partners before the deal has even closed and when we have enjoyed a very productive relationship with IBM for eight years.

Do you plan to grow the company and move into new product markets through acquisition or internal development?

Both, it will be both, but right now we are focusing on this acquisition, which was not simple, as well as getting the integration done and getting the channels as productive as possible with a consistent message to the worldwide market place. Then we will look at whats next.

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