SCO, MySQL Bring MySQL to OpenServer

The leading Unix-on-Intel company is joining forces with open-source DBMS giant MySQL to bring the commercial version of MySQL to OpenServer.

SCO and MySQL announced Friday that the two would be working together to jointly deliver the commercial version of the MySQL database to SCOs latest Unix release, OpenServer 6.

Although SCO Group Inc. is known for its IP (intellectual property) battles with IBM and Linux-related companies, the company has long used open-source programs in its operating systems.

OpenServer 6 already includes the Apache Web server, the Apache Tomcat JSP (Java Server Pages) server, the PostgreSQL DBMS and the MySQL Community Edition.

Since OpenServer 6 already supports the open-source version of MySQL, supporting the commercial version of MySQL should be a trivial technical operation.

MySQL AB and SCO will also be working together on a range of joint marketing, sales, training, business development and support programs.

Additionally, SCO will include a trial subscription to the MySQL Network enterprise database service with each new copy of SCO OpenServer and offer full MySQL Network subscriptions through its reseller channel.

MySQL Network is a support subscription offering that provides access to certified MySQL software, updates and upgrades, proactive alerts and advisers, the online MySQL knowledgebase, and full production-level technical support.

In recent months, MySQL has been aggressively pursuing partnerships with Linux companies like Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. and hardware vendors such as Dell Computer Corp.

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"Given that 85 percent of SCO Unix-based solutions are database applications, it makes complete sense to work more closely with MySQL to jointly certify, market and support our product solutions for the benefit of our mutual customers," Jeff Hunsaker, senior vice president and general manager of SCOs Unix division, said in a statement.

"MySQL has become the most popular open-source database in the world by offering users a good combination of choice, performance and ease of use," said Marten Mickos, MySQLs CEO.

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"We will now be providing developers with the additional option of leveraging SCOs popular platforms. We look forward to working with SCO and their large reseller network to support our mutual customers with their enterprise database applications," Mickos said.

The certified version of MySQL 5.0 for SCO OpenServer 6 will be available later this year under the name MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6. It will be available directly from SCO and from SCOs resellers. Its pricing has not yet been set.

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