10 Wonderful Geek Gifts for Valentines Day

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10 Wonderful Geek Gifts for Valentines Day

by Nathan Eddy

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8-Bit Flower Bouquet ($14.99)

Pixelated flowers make the perfect gift for your 8-bit princess, and hey, theyll never need watering!

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I Love My Geek Babydoll Tee (18.99)

If your girlfriend is nerd proud, this shirt might be the best way for her to proclaim her love for you and your geeky ways.

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Test Tube Vase ($8.99)

A rose is a rose, but if love is chemical, then perhaps giving your lovely a flower in a test tube is a more original method of presentation.

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Name a Star ($28.95)

Immortalize your darling by naming a celestial body after him or her—just make sure youre able to find it when youre asked to point it out. Sorry, but the Sun is already taken.

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Star Trek Interactive Tribbles ($14.99-$19.99)

Cheaper and less hassle than a living, breathing pet, these plush Tribbles make sound effects when jostled. Whats the trouble?

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Scott Pilgrim Kissing Mug ($9.99)

Perfect for fans of "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," this mug features lovers Scott and Ramona in a high-flying lip-lock. You can also fill it with quarters.

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USB Aromatherapy Burner ($5.99)

Bring the spa into the office using USB power to warm up aromatic oils and delight your partners olfactory system. Ah, romance and technology ...

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Pac Man Candies ($3.99-$6.99)

Forget chocolate—bring back a retro sugar high with Pac Man mints and ghost candies, housed in adorable character tins.

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A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek ($13.99)

A tongue-in-cheek guide to learning how geeks develop, what they talk about and how to integrate your geek into the rest of the world. It might explain a lot of things.

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8-Bit Necktie ($14.99)

This exquisitely nerdy necktie will bring some cheer to your cube-dwelling boyfriends otherwise oatmeal-colored surroundings.

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