1010data Launches Version 7 of Data Discovery Platform

The company also plans to release a QuickApps visual editor that will make it easier for customers to create their own applications.

Big data discovery and data sharing specialist 1010data announced the release of 1010data Version 7, which advances its big data discovery platform in three areas, including data visualization, in-database applications and data integration in the cloud.

The latest version provides users with visualization capabilities for interactive charting of big data at scale, introduces QuickApps, a technology framework that enables users to create custom in-database applications that run as part of, and extend, 1010data's native cloud-based platform.

Using a combination of built-in and user-defined widgets (input and output screen elements such as text boxes, table displays and charts), user-facing applications can be developed inside the 1010data platform.

QuickApps can be used to create a wide variety of applications, from form-based analyses to management dashboards, which can then be combined in a modular fashion to create more complex applications.

In addition, the company plans to release a QuickApps visual editor that will make it even easier for customers to create their own applications using integrated drag-and-drop tools.

The editor provides a visual development environment that allows even non-technical users to create complex applications using visual tools, without the need to write the code. Currently in beta, the editor will be released later this year, the company said.

"Version 7 is a huge leap forward in 1010data's evolution and increases the accessibility of big data at every step for businesses," Sandy Steier, co-founder and CEO of 1010data, said in a statement. "Beginning with data integration and data blending, TenUp and PowerLoader allow users to quickly and easily pull data from enterprise systems as well as third-party sources, and load them into the cloud for analysis."

It also is designed to make integration of big data into the cloud easier and faster with the release of TenUp, along with an upgrade to PowerLoader, 1010data's big data loading utility for enterprise-class data.

TenUp is a client-side utility that allows users to extract and load data directly from ODBC-compliant databases into the 1010data platform, while enhancements to PowerLoader give customers new diagnostics and scalability when loading data into the cloud.

"Once in the cloud, our new integrated visualization allows businesses to explore, analyze and visualize big data in mere seconds, all within a single application," Steier continued. "With analyses capabilities in hand, QuickApps enable users to build complex applications and dashboards for broader consumption in minutes."

In addition to enhancements in the above areas, Version 7 contains a myriad of other improvements in usability, scalability and performance, and the improvements cover the basic platform as well as peripheral tools.

For example, 1010data's Excel Add-In has been modified to enhance stability and increase performance with many tasks now performing as much as 20 times faster than the previous version, the company said.