Breeze Social Adds Features to Social Networking Platform

The new feature shows users what to talk about each time they log in to social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Social networking specialist for small and midsize businesses Breeze Social announced the addition of a posting-suggestions feature, which helps companies streamline the process of posting to social networks by pulling in relevant news and information for users each time they log in and want to post to social media networks. The feature is based on users' company profile and unique interests and is powered by, a content aggregator that filters news and information from more than 200,000 sources.

With a constant stream of relevant information, Breeze Social is designed to help clear the obstacle of not knowing what to talk about on the social Web and has made it possible for SMB users to commit to daily, sustained social media activity. Posting suggestions is part of a joint feature release as Breeze Social's new post scheduling functionality, which affords users the ability to schedule future social media activity in one sitting, was also released. Breeze Social, launched in March, is a media marketing and management tool that shows businesses what to contribute on the social Web that could bring value to their brand and drive more traffic.

"Once a business owner recognizes the value of being active in social media, and they've connected their business to the social web, the next hurdle they face is figuring out what to talk about that is both thought provoking and value adding to their customers' experience. Not understanding what to talk about is a huge obstacle for SMB's considering a company blog, Facebook page or any other social media activity," said Jeremy Hunter, president of BlueTie, Inc, which powers Breeze Networks. "We wanted to simplify the entire process of being successful in social media and are thrilled to offer our SMB users this new functionality. Posting suggestions is a feature that is at the core of Breeze Social's mission and something that competing solutions fail to deliver."

Breeze Social's integration with pulls relevant news and information from over 200,000 sources into users' Breeze Social application that is based on their company profile, specified industry, geographic locale, named competitors and other identified topics of interest. Moreover, organizes this tailored, user specific content in order of importance for faster social media posting turnaround.

Breeze Social's posting suggestions feature launch is coupled with the release of post scheduling, enabling users to schedule future pertinent and engaging social media posts in one sitting. Post scheduling edits and formats users' composed social media contributions and posts these messages to leading social media networks at specified dates and times without users having to worry about logging back in to the application to administer their social media presence.

"Businesses and brands can expect more meaningful engagement with customers when they are bringing something of value to the conversation," said Hunter. "By helping our users identify the topics that add value and simplifying the process of posting these messages to the social web, we're enabling SMB's to establish a significant social media presence with minimal effort and time commitment."