Consumers Demand Customized Mobile Shopping Apps

Consumer expectations of retail websites and mobile apps are evolving in response to the growth of mobile and emerging technologies, the survey found.

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The performance of retail Websites and mobile applications is strongly linked to customer satisfaction, loyalty and spend, according to a study by AppDynamics. The study found more than two-thirds of consumers (67 percent) would put off shopping with a retailer if they had a negative experience with its app.

The study also found that 20 percent of respondents are making purchases on their phone while at work in front of their computer, and 70 percent said they make more than a quarter of their purchases online. The study surveyed 4,000 U.K., U.S., French and German adults who own smartphones and tablets. It was conducted by Atomik Research in June 2015The report also indicated that consumer expectations of retail websites and mobile apps are evolving in response to the growth of mobile and emerging technologies, with 70 percent of those surveyed stating that the performance of a mobile app impacts their perception of the retailer.

Providing a rock-solid app experience has other benefits as well-- 56 percent of respondents said they would be encouraged to visit brick-and-mortar stores if apps provided them with personalized offers when they were close by.

If unable to complete a purchase, 75 percent of consumers stated that a prompt and personal apology would persuade them to revisit the retailer.

The survey also found 43 percent of consumers want mobile apps that allow them to purchase products while in the store, instead of queuing for a sales assistant, and 57 percent would like retail apps to provide store assistants with details of past purchases for a tailored omni-channel experience.

"Fundamentally, customers are no longer distinguishing between online and offline experiences," the report noted. "Any engagement with a retailer will impact their overall perception and shoppers expect bricks and mortar stores and apps to work together to provide a stronger customer experience. Those who anticipate and deliver on these expectations will earn the loyalty of their customers and reap the reward of increased revenue and positive word of mouth."

The report, An App is Not Enough, also offers some tips for businesses developing mobile apps aimed at attracting consumers, including use of a unified monitoring solution that safeguards the performance of key business transactions.

It also suggested businesses should choose an application management platform with a slick, role-specific and intuitive user interface, making it easy for anyone across IT and the business to get instant benefit. Another recommendation: Deploy smart analytics to understand individual customer interactions and enhance operational performance.