Dynastream Releases Dual-Protocol ANT SoC Module

ANT is ultra-low-power, short-range wireless technology designed for sensor networks and similar applications.

Wearable technology and ultra-low-power wireless protocol maker Dynastream Innovations announced the availability of the N548, a dual-protocol ANT system on chip (SoC) module.

Based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51422 SoC, this 2.4GHz solution offers support for both ANT Wireless and Bluetooth low energy, and enables both protocols to run concurrently.

ANT is an ultra-low-power, short-range wireless technology designed for sensor networks and similar applications.

The ANT protocol has been enabling sport, fitness and health devices for more than 10 years, and can be used to manage multiple sensors in crowded race environments, simple and complex interchanging and pairing of devices, and transferring data from multiple sensors to multiple displays simultaneously.

Ultra long battery life and ANT's efficient, low overhead management of flexible topologies also make ANT the ideal solution for active radio-frequency identification RFID, smart beacons, asset tags, audience response systems and home automation.

As the newest product in Dynastream's component line, the N548 is priced for volume production with no usage fees, and is sized for wearable, home and industrial trends in a 14.0mm by 9.8mm by 2.0mm land grid array (LGA) package.

Sold through global distributors like Rutronik, Arrow, IO Components, Digi-Key, Symmetry and Braemac, the N548 is available in full production quantity in three different packages, the N548M8CB 14.0mm by 9.8mm by 2.0mm LGA, the N548M4CB 20.0mm by 20.0mm package, and pin compatible with legacy modules from Dynastream, and the N548M5CB with a Molex connector.

"This new module brings together a combination of technology that has never before existed, and will be instrumental in driving the exploding world of ultra low power wireless to a whole new level of connectivity," Jim Rooney, president of Dynastream Innovations, said in a statement. "It will further fuel the interoperable ecosystem of over 100M ANT+ devices and the fast growing array of smartphones and tablets. This will quickly bring new and valuable products to the market. We are excited to give customers the benefits of our many years in wireless, wrapped up in this tiny package. I can't wait to see the designs it inspires."

The N548 Starter Kit, sold through the same distribution channels listed above, includes the N548M5CB and is suited for out-of-the box evaluation and development.

Designed for manufacturing ease, the hardware platform is integrated with a printer circuit board (PCB) antenna, 32kHz crystal time base, DC-DC converter, and 24 general-purpose input/outputs (GPIOs) with six analog inputs.

"The immediate attachment to the ANT+ ecosystem and iOS products, and the resource efficiencies of ANT are significant advantages of the N548 module," Rod Morris, vice president of ANT Wireless, said in a statement. "With ANT's advanced capabilities in home and commercial applications as well as sport, health and fitness, the N548 will inspire development of simple and complex devices alike. We definitely see this solution as enabling a plethora of new designs in new market segments and throughout the existing ANT and ANT+ customer bases."