Egg Dyeing 101 ($0.99)

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Egg Dyeing 101 ($0.99)

This spring, ramp up your Easter egg dyeing efforts with this app, which offers detailed how-tos, complete with step-by-step photos and video.

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Spring Wallpapers (Free)

Bring the colors and vistas of the spring landscape into the palm of your hand with high-quality photos—all free to download and share.

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SpringAhead ($0.99)

Discover where and when people observe daylight-saving time and summer time by twirling a virtual globe and zooming in and tapping on a country.

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MLB At Bat 2011 ($1.99)

Stay ahead of the game with this app, which lets you track scores, listen to commentary and access live video of games. The app also features a customized home screen to follow your favorite team.

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Home Chores ($0.99)

Get a jump on the dreaded spring cleaning with this list maker, which allows you to get your household cleaning routine in order.

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Grill-It! ($0.99)

When the weather warms up, that's when you know it's time to bust out the barbecue, and this recipe list will help you create delicious meals.

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Vegetable Garden Guides ($1.99)

Designed to help users grow and harvest more than 90 kinds of vegetables, this app also includes a section on insect and disease information.

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Lawn Maintenance Calendar ($0.99)

After figuring out your garden, hop onto this app for a guide to keeping your lawn looking green and healthy from spring to summer.

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That Beach Channel ($0.99)

Even if you're stuck in the office, you can still soak up the virtual sun with these 10 videos of beautiful beaches from around the world.

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Kayak (Free)

Just get to the beach already! The Kayak travel app can help you find the lowest-priced flights, hotels and more.

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