Elfiq Networks Unveils AppOptimizer Bandwidth Management

AppOptimizer lets network managers prioritize critical business applications, such as Salesforce.com or Citrix Xen Desktop.

Telecommunications and security solutions specialist Elfiq Networks is reaching out to businesses struggling to manage bandwidth with AppOptimizer, which is designed to help enable organizations to proactively manage their bandwidth of WAN-based network traffic at the application layer, allowing businesses to classify and shape traffic based on priorities and policies.

For businesses with limited bandwidth, the use of noncritical applications, such as BitTorrent or Netflix traffic€”which, aside from slowing other apps down, can fly in the face of security or acceptable usage policies€”can put an intense strain on the network€™s bandwidth capabilities. AppOptimizer lets network managers prioritize critical business applications, such as Skype, Salesforce.com and Citrix Xen Desktop.

€œWe€™re very impressed by this new addition to Elfiq€™s product line,€ Jean Julien, vice president of Victrix, an Elfiq Elite Alliance Partner, said in a prepared statement. €œOur customers have been looking for a cost-effective solution to managing bandwidth, and the AppOptimizer is exactly what they are looking for. We already have many customers evaluating this technology, and their feedback is very positive.€

Available this summer as an add-on module to Elfiq€™s Link Balancer product line, AppOptimizer can help improve a company€™s investment in Internet Service Provider (ISP) services and garner more performance without increasing their subscribed services, while simultaneously reducing unwanted traffic and protecting the company network from applications that could present compliance or security issues. The Link Balancer product line, starting at $1,795 and topping out at close to $25,000 for the enterprise model, employs multiple ISPs using multiple carrier technologies to reduce the risk of downtime and results in more available bandwidth for users, services and applications. The appliances also offer both high availability units and a bypass mode in case of hardware unit failure.

Elfiq€™s entry-level LB-550B Link Balancer for small businesses boasts a Layer-2 design for in-line transparent installation and utilization, organizations can manage two ISP links with a total throughput of 25M bps. In addition, the LB-550B enables the use of any ISP link, including low-cost circuits such as DSL and cable modems, as well as the use of wireless links like 3G mobile access and WiMAX. Rounding out the package, quality of service (QoS), traffic segmentation, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) awareness, in-bound traffic management and advanced balancing algorithms are included in the LB-550B. The model can also be upgraded to the LB-550E or the LB-1100E appliances through software updates should business needs require more ISP links, greater throughput or private link management.