Elliptic Technologies Unveils HDCP 2.0 Content Protection Platform

The HDCP 2.0 Software Development Kit is a portable architecture that can be used on most platforms.

Elliptic Technologies, a supplier of security IP and software, announced the immediate availability of its HDCP 2.0 Software Development Kit. HDCP 2.0 is a security technology that addresses the content protection needs for high-valued digital content. Sony, Panasonic, Intel and high-definition content owners Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment and others have endorsed the specification, the company said in a release.

The HDCP 2.0 SDK (Software Development Kit) is a fully portable architecture that can be used on most platforms and operating systems, including Google Android-based devices. Elliptic's HDCP 2.0 solution is based on the latest specification HDCP IIA Revision 2.0 and it supports all mandatory elements of copy protection, including authentication and key exchange, content encryption and system renewability.

The HDCP 2.0 SDK from Elliptic is a content protection solution for digital audio/video entertainment content in the wireless and wireline home network environment. The solution is targeted at OEMs and embedded system and device manufacturers, and can be integrated into embedded components for use in tablets, media centers, DVDs, HDTVs, set top boxes, game consoles, streaming controllers, laptops and other consumer electronic products.

"The exploding market for high-definition entertainment has sharpened the need to protect high-value content with more robust protection schemes. Elliptic Technologies is a trusted supplier of embedded security solutions and has the best-in-class content protection IP," said Vijay Dube, president and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. "Working closely with lead customers and partners gave us the unique opportunity to optimize the HDCP 2.0 components to precisely match the requirements of a digital TV streaming device."

Elliptic is one of the first suppliers of a comprehensive HDCP 2.0 content protection solution, which has already been delivered to lead customers. The company said as digital media is being rapidly adopted as the primary consumer entertainment distribution medium, the technical demands of the digital home and the need to deliver and protect rich audio and video content have increased dramatically in recent years.

In January, the company expanded its line of security protocol accelerators with the introduction of SPAcc-LTE, a security processing engine for the rapidly developing 4th Generation mobile wireless markets. The platform supports all confidentiality and integrity algorithms required for 3GPP/LTE/LTE-Advanced protocols. These algorithms are based on ciphers like AES, SNOW 3G, ZUC, and legacy ciphers such as Kasumi to support older networks.