Empirix IntelliSight Helps Businesses With Network Analytics

IntelliSight includes analytics for predicting issues, enabling network managers to correct them before they can affect customers.

Network performance visibility specialist Empirix released IntelliSight, an analytics platform that turns terabytes of data into real-time intelligence for improving customer experience and performance management as well as strategic business decision-making.

IntelliSight is designed to manage terabytes of new data per day and analyzes billions of data elements in seconds for real-time results. The platform is designed to provide richer results as analyses are done on granular data rather than aggregated statistics. Included in the release is built-in integration with Empirix probes as well as an interface for importing data streams from third-party probes, applications, network elements, network managers and other sources.

"The vast amounts of data generated by communications networks are a valuable source to understand customer behavior and usage patterns. Empirix IntelliSight cuts through the noise and provides actionable intelligence by applying real time analytics, enabling CSPs to differentiate based on improved customer experience," Anil Rao, analyst at Analysys Mason, said in a statement.

Empirix has designed specialized real-time dashboards, service correlations and workflows that help reduce operational noise with dynamic alarm thresholding and summaries for concentrating efforts on the problems impacting the most customers. In addition, IntelliSight includes analytics for predicting issues, enabling network managers to correct them before they can affect customers.

The company’s application packages, algorithms and visualization options help ensure that users anywhere in the company can generate intelligence and explore the nuances behind the results. IntelliSight includes dashboards, standard and programmable key quality indicators (KQIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), drill downs and more for deep understanding of business issues.

"Network operators as well as enterprises combining UCM and data need big-picture intelligence about how customers interact with their networks," Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing for Empirix, said in a statement. "Empirix IntelliSight is the next step in our evolution toward providing increasingly comprehensive analysis capabilities. It takes masses of unstructured data, organizes, enriches and presents it as intelligence comprehensible to decision makers who don’t have engineering backgrounds. It shows operators how well they are meeting evolving customer needs--and how to do it better and more profitably."

Advanced data visualization options enables users of a variety of technical abilities to derive meaning from a mountain of data, such as Tag Clouds and Bubble Charts quickly display customer preferences for different mobile apps, or related charts that enable users to understand how application performance is impacting subscriber experience.

Finally, specialized dashboards, workflows and drilldowns provide diagnosis of root cause for issues occurring anywhere in the network, while geomaps display how well specific applications are performing in specific locations. IntelliSight is also an advanced visualization interface that allows users to explore, slice and dice data, create free-form dashboards and conduct deeper analysis through additional data enrichments and correlations.