Imaginatik Offers Portfolio Monitor for Idea Central

Imaginatik offers cost-conscious businesses a way to manage company ideas and projects through Portfolio Monitor, giving the company's Idea Central users a window into project status and coordination.

Collective intelligence and idea management software specialist Imaginatik has unveiled Portfolio Monitor for Idea Central, a customizable module designed to provide project leaders, managers and participants in Idea Central events the ability to track ideas as they evolve throughout a project's lifecycle. Portfolio Monitor offers Idea Central users visibility into current and past projects, allowing stakeholders to track the progress of their ideas.
Project managers and other leaders can also gain the ability to quantify the status, costs, benefits and profits of each project using various reporting features. Imaginatik said standardized lifecycle management results from better visibility and clearer workflows and contributes to a higher project completion rate. As with Idea Central, the module can be customized to match a company Website's look and feel, the company noted.
Portfolio Monitor customers also receive access to Imaginatik's support team, who can help businesses get the module up and running. During a two-day process design workshop, the Imaginatik team works with the client to develop a custom project form unique to the company's business objectives. The workshop includes Portfolio Monitor training, where administrators learn how to move ideas into the module, create projects, manage them throughout the process and configure administrative options.
"Tapping collective intelligence strategies for effective-even groundbreaking-ideas is an important first step, but how do you turn the most important concepts into realities?" asks Tim Woods, director of the platform group at Imaginatik. "With Portfolio Monitor, businesses can organize steps in the evolution of an idea as an easy-to-follow, user-friendly workflow."
In addition to its reporting features and an intuitive user interface, Portfolio Monitor includes simple integration options, which allows users to move or upload ideas from Idea Central or other platforms directly to Portfolio Monitor, and standardized project workflow, which makes it simpler to manage concepts that are converted into projects. It allows users to attach a custom, predefined process form, define project teams and assign required workflow to designated team members within Portfolio Monitor.
Other features include flexible tracking, which offers predefined views including a general project overview (organized by project status); track by "My Concepts," which covers projects the user authored; and "My Projects" with which the user is currently involved; track by sponsor (organized by sponsor name). Rounding out the solution's features are Easy Archive Access, where completed projects can be archived for future reference, and an exporting data feature, which allows users to export project data in CSV or Microsoft Excel format.