International Spy Museum

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International Spy Museum

Dedicated to the field of espionage, the Spy Museum exhibits the history of espionage and spies in real-world practice and in popular culture. You know whose car that is, dont you?

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Air and Space Museum

Hundreds of original, historic artifacts are on display, including the 1903 Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St. Louis, the Apollo 11 command module Columbia and a lunar rock sample that visitors can touch.

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National Building Museum

Created by an act of Congress in 1980, the National Building Museum is America's premier cultural institution dedicated to exploring and celebrating architecture, design, engineering, construction and urban planning.

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Wheaton Metro Station

This station features the longest set of single-span escalators in the Western Hemisphere, each a length of 230 feet, with a vertical rise of 115 feet. It is the second deepest station in the system, behind Forest Glen, which has an elevator-only exit due to its depth.

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Marian Koshland Science Museum

The mission of the museum is to engage the general public in current scientific issues that impact their lives and to stimulate discussion and provide insight into how science supports decision-making.

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A newshounds heaven in an interactive museum of news and journalism, its operations are funded by the Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to "free press, free speech and free spirit for all people."

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U.S. Air Force Memorial

Located across the river in Arlington, Va., the memorial honors the service of the Air Force and its predecessors. It hosts more than 200 ceremonies, special events, wreath laying, tours, weddings and concerts a year. Photo Credit: kathleensulli

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The National Cryptologic Museum

The museum houses a collection of thousands of artifacts that document the history of the cryptologic profession: The library maintains a collection of unclassified and declassified books and documents relating to every aspect of cryptology.

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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Near Washington Dulles International Airport, this is the companion facility to the Air & Space Museum on the Mall. The two sites together showcase the largest collection of aviation and space artifacts in the world.

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National Museum of Health and Medicine

More than 5,000 skeletal specimens and 10,000 preserved organs document medical cases of disease and injury, and among the exhibits is the bullet fired from the pistol that killed President Lincoln and pieces of Lincoln's hair and skull.

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