Kyvos Insights Updates Big Data Analytics Platform

The latest release of Kyvos Insights' big data analytics platform incorporates advanced security support and additional integration with BI tools.

kyvos and big data

Big data analytics specialist Kyvos Insights announced the availability of the next major version of Kyvos—a scalable, self-service analytics solution that builds on its native integration and support for the Hadoop platform.

The latest release incorporates advanced security support, improved performance and scalability, and additional integration with business intelligence (BI) tools.

"One of the big inhibitors to the widespread adoption of Hadoop-based big data infrastructures is that the data is not easily accessible or usable by the business analyst," Ajay Anand, Kyvos Insights' vice president of products, told eWEEK. "Our focus is to empower all users to be able to derive insights from their data, and remove the barriers such as complexity, slow response times, lack of expertise, etc. So it is very important for us to make sure our platform is user-friendly and provide self-service, interactive access to the analyst with no learning curve."

By creating a business intelligence consumption layer directly on Hadoop, analysts can use their existing BI tools for multi-dimensional analytics at any scale, with no learning curve or programming required, the company said.

"Many businesses embark on a big data analytics strategy and then struggle to meet their ROI goals. Some of the reasons include difficulty in moving existing processes over to the big data environment, and getting their users to adopt and use the new platform," Anand said. "Our approach enables businesses to create a 'BI consumption layer' on their big data infrastructures. This allows the user to continue to use the tools they are most familiar with—Excel, Tableau, Microstrategy and others—and seamlessly access and analyze their data on Hadoop."

Kyvos removes the performance limitations that traditional tools face when connecting to big data, so users get instant response times, and do not have to wait for their reports or query results, he explained.

As a result, businesses have a path to accelerate migration of their infrastructures to Hadoop, and realize the cost and scalability benefits of the big data platform," Anand said.

The solution supports major Hadoop distributions, including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, giving enterprise customers the flexibility to use Kyvos, independent of their Hadoop vendor.

"We expect big data analytics software to continue to evolve to embrace the business analyst, not just the data scientist. Business analysts should be able to explore their data, regardless of scale or granularity to derive insights, without even realizing that they are running on a big data infrastructure," Anand explained. "And from the IT perspective, big data analytics software will evolve to deliver the safety, security and governance that is needed, without inhibiting self-service capabilities. We expect the interaction to become even more intuitive, visual and natural as we move forward."