Kyvos Launches Platform for Big Data Analytics

The company seeks to deliver a solution that eliminates the traditional performance and scalability constraints of online analytical processing.

kyvos and big data

Big data analytics specialist Kyvos Insights emerged from stealth mode with a product, called Kyvos, to develop insights from all corporate data, regardless of size and granularity.

The company was founded by a team of veterans from Yahoo, Impetus and Intellicus Technologies who specialize in analytics technology; it seeks to deliver a solution that eliminates the traditional performance and scalability constraints of online analytical processing (OLAP), bringing the power of interactive analytics to big data.

"We were seeing broad adoption of big data infrastructures such as Hadoop in the enterprise, but the huge amounts of data being collected were not really accessible to the business user," Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights, told eWEEK. "Connecting traditional analytical tools directly to Hadoop typically results in significant performance and scalability issues."

To date, the product has been previewed as part of discussions on the future of OLAP in big data environments at a number of industry conferences, including the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in March and the Hadoop Summit in June.

"Business users are looking for the ability to do self-service, interactive analytics on this data and explore different aspects and dimensions of the data without having to write complex code or wait for hours or days for the result," Anand said. "That is the pain point we address with Kyvos. Kyvos provides business users with direct access to massive amounts of data so they can interactively visualize, slice and dice, and explore their data down to the most detailed and granular levels with query response times in just seconds."

The way the company does this is by providing a solution that enables users to build multidimensional OLAP cubes directly on Hadoop at unprecedented scale, he said.

"Most enterprise users are already familiar with OLAP tools and have been using them for years with their data marts and data warehouses to do analytics," Anand said. "However, those tools fall short when dealing with the scale of data that is now being stored in Hadoop. Our solution is designed to overcome these limitations and combines the cost-effective scalability of Hadoop with the interactive analytical capabilities of OLAP."

Anand noted that "kyvos" is the word for "cube" in Greek and said the company's key technology differentiator is its ability to build massively scalable OLAP cubes on Hadoop and make them available to the business user for interactive insights.

"Users can visualize their data either through our browser-based interface or through other widely used tools such as Tableau or Excel," he said.

The product is being used in industries including telecommunications, media and entertainment, financial services, technology and travel.