LG-Ericsson Launches iPECS ES Series of Ethernet Switches

The iPECS ES Series offers eco-friendly features and includes the ES-1000 family of unmanaged switches.

Voice and data communications solutions provider LG-Ericsson USA announced the availability of its iPECS ES series of Ethernet switches for SMBs.

The company's Ethernet Switch iPECS ES series solutions are backed by 24/7 technical support and a limited lifetime warranty and are now available in North America via LG-Ericsson VARs.

The iPECS ES series includes unmanaged (ES-1000 series), advanced smart (ES-2000/2000G series) and fully managed (ES-3000/3000G) Ethernet switches. The switches are designed to deliver scalable network infrastructures that support data and voice applications. They incorporate plug-and-play capabilities and are managed using an intuitive Web interface. To enhance network security, features such as Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) authentication and multilayer filtering are built into the feature set.

All ES-series switches feature auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDIX and an at-a-glance tri-colored status LED. In addition, the switches support LG-Ericsson's Unified Device Manager (UDM), which enables network administrators to configure and manage multiple switches across the network. The eco-friendly iPECS ES series switches also incorporate green Ethernet technology to help users save on energy costs, including the ability to detect link status and power down unused or inactive ports, and adjust signal strength based upon cable length.

"The iPECS ES series Ethernet switches are ideal solutions for businesses that demand performance, scalability, robust feature sets and reliability to support the ever-increasing demands for advanced network-enabled applications in the SMB and enterprise," said S.B. Mun, CEO of LG-Ericsson USA. "The ES-series switches, which were specifically designed to support the advanced QoS [quality of service] and high-performance requirements demanded by voice applications, work seamlessly with our expansive family of voice communications solutions. Combining our world-class voice platforms with the iPECS ES switch family positions LG-Ericsson as the go-to provider that can deliver an end-to-end voice and data network infrastructure for businesses of all sizes."

The iPECS ES series switches support VOIP and unified communications (UC) platforms with L2/L3 QoS. Prioritization of data is accomplished by classifying packets into one of four different priority queues and serving each packet in the queues using Weighted Round Robin (WRR) or Strict Priority Queuing (SPQ) methods. PoE support for 802.3af and 802.3at is designed to maximize the flexibility of deploying PoE-enabled voice terminals, wireless access points and video cameras.

The iPECS ES series includes:

  • ES-3026P: 24 10/100BaseTX with PoE on all ports and 2-gigabit combo uplinks (SFP/RJ-45)

  • ES-3026: 24 10/100BaseTX and 2-gigabit combo uplinks (SFP/RJ-45)

  • ES-3024G: 24 10/100/1000BaseT and 4-gigabit shared uplinks

  • ES-3024GP: 24 10/100/1000BaseT with PoE on all ports and 4-gigabit shared uplinks

  • ES-2026: 24 10/100BaseTX and2-gigabit combo uplinks.

The series also includes:

  • ES-2026P: 24 10/100BaseTX with PoE on all ports and 2-gigabit combo uplinks (SFP/RJ-45)

  • ES-2024G: 24 10/100/1000BaseT and 4-gigabit shared uplinks

  • ES-2024GP: 24 10/100/1000BaseT with PoE on all ports and 4-gigabit shared uplinks

  • ES-1024: 24 10/100BaseTX ports

  • ES-1016: 16 10/100BaseTX ports

  • ES-1008: eight 10/100/1000BaseTX ports.