Nasuni Unveils Graphical Account Management and Reporting Tools

Cost-conscious businesses searching for graphical account management have an updated version of Nasuni's cloud-based storage gateway Filer to consider.

Customers of the Nasuni Filer, an industry gateway to the cloud for primary storage, are being offered additional reporting features, for trial users who upgrade to customer status. Its storage-as-a-service technology provides unlimited cloud capacity in the form of a virtual appliance. The updated dashboard gives more visibility into the service through reports that help customers understand, track and control their storage usage and the costs associated with storing different file types with different providers, the company said.

"Our goal is to streamline the process of selecting and monitoring cloud storage services for our customers. The new dashboard introduces ways for our customers to receive comprehensive details on their data usage and cost trends. Our relationships with all the major cloud storage providers allows us to secure credentials and consolidate billing for our customers," said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni.

The company's account overview page offers a user-friendly navigation bar on the left, then all a client's essential information, including current statement, last payment, next bill date, a summary of the company's storage usage with a breakdown of how much data is with each provider and links to more information.
John De Souza, executive vice president of InterAx Corp, said he has been using the Nasuni Filer for six months. "The account screens are sharp and simple. The bills are easier to understand than those from my cable company," he said. And, frankly, adding a cloud provider is actually easier than switching from HBO to Showtime."
Rodriguez said Nasuni's storage-as-a-service technology, coupled with unlimited cloud capacity, allows companies to use and pay for only what they need, when they need it. Included in the Nasuni solution are advanced caching, snapshot and deduplication technologies and key management to help simplify file access, storage and protection, while eliminating hardware acquisition and installation.
"Nasuni has delivered for the SMB market what could be the ideal file server," George Crump, president and founder of technology analysis site Storage Switzerland said in a recent report. "It combines the benefits of local NAS capabilities with the unlimited capacity and pay-on-use capabilities of cloud storage. Selection of the cloud provider, while always important, is probably more so when cloud storage is used for primary storage."