Paragon Launches Hard Disk Manager 11 Server for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The latest software release offers partitioning, disk imaging and system migration for all drives.

Storage software developer Paragon Software Group announced the launch of its Hard Disk Manager 11 Server to help small and midsize businesses with data backup and disaster recovery tasks for IT departments.

The software suite incorporates the latest partitioning, disk-imaging and system-migration technologies for advanced format hard disk drives larger than 2.2 terabytes with 4K sectors as well as SSDs (solid-state drives).

The software is applicable for both physical and virtual Windows server environments. The HDM 11 Server is available for $799 per license and $1,298 with the virtual add-on component.

The HDM 11 Server comes standard with new and upgraded features for complete data-backup and disaster-recovery functionality. A virtual add-on component is available for virtual environments.

Both versions offer the ability to perform bare-metal restores, file-level recovery, advanced data-wiping algorithms and automatic partition alignment. Additionally, the HDM 11 Server enables the data backup or migration of an active server with locked volumes, files or folders.

"Over the past few months, we have received significant interest from our small-business and mid-enterprise customers for backup and recovery software solutions designed for hard drives larger than 2.2TBs," said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software. "These newer drives complicate backup and recovery procedures because some Windows drivers fail to read any space over 2.2TBs.

"As a result, the drives' performance can become compromised," he continued. "We have developed the HDM 11 Server and its comprehensive suite of backup and recovery technologies to simplify this issue and speed up the whole data-protection process."

Software highlights include support for 2TB+ hard drives, 4K, SSD and AFD, support for GPT conversion capability and the ability to convert from MBR to GPT or Retained GPT. In addition, the software offers large drive support for legacy operating systems, and the GPT Loader enables XP or later Windows operating systems to recognize drives larger than 2.2TB.

The software also offers a loader driver to replace legacy drivers that do not recognize larger drives, while providing automated partition alignment during copy and restore, and copy and restore functionality with the ability to shrink partitions to smaller drives. The software also includes support for USB 3.0.