Sepaton VirtuoSO Data Protection Platform Offers Grid Scalability

Grid scalability provides seamless addition of performance and capacity with automatic, continuous rebalancing of workloads.

Backup and recovery specialist Sepaton announced the release of its VirtuoSO data protection solution, which is based on the company's OptiScale architecture and starts at $344,500.

The platform, which is currently in limited release and will be generally available in the first quarter of 2014, boasts updated system management and reporting capabilities, including a new graphical user interface designed to enable easier management with dashboards from anywhere on any device.

Engineered to address the critical needs of enterprise data centers and manage explosive data growth and new data types, with support for virtualization, big data, cloud and other emerging use cases, the solution provides support for multiple network-attached storage (NAS) and emerging protocols as well as smart hybrid deduplication (inline hash-based and post-processing), and includes a comprehensive management system.

"Data centers today are challenged by an explosion in data volumes, data types, and devices," Laura Dubois, vice president of storage research at IT analytics firm IDC, said in a statement. "As a result, the disk-based data protection and recovery market is experiencing very strong growth and is anticipated to top nearly $17 billion in 2017. Data center IT staff are recognizing that continuing to add more and more independently addressable NAS data protection systems and resources is inefficient, cost prohibitive and complex."

Grid scalability provides seamless addition of performance and capacity with automatic, continuous rebalancing of workloads to protect many petabytes in one, easy-to-manage system and enables enterprises to add performance and storage capacity independently as needed starting at 7.9TB per hour with a single node and scaling up to 16 nodes for total throughput up to 126TB per hour in a single system.

"The data protection market is poised for disruption," Mike Thompson, president and CEO of Sepaton, said in a statement. "Big Data and other key initiatives have challenged customers with unabated data growth, both structured and unstructured. Meanwhile, data protection vendors continue to offer point product backup solutions that create data center sprawl and result in ever-increasing cost and complexity."

In addition, smart data movers enable multi-source and multi-target replication, and data migration for accelerated ingest and network efficiency. The company's VirtuoSO Intelligent Data Mover software is the basis for replication, source dedupe, data migration and data tiering.

Smart Hybrid Deduplication software automatically maximizes data reduction and performance globally, using inline and post-processing modes, depending on data type and change rate. It also enables policy-driven setting of the deduplication mode, including an option to bypass deduplication for data types such as encrypted or compressed data.

"Sepaton has a strong heritage of leadership delivering the world's most efficient backup and recovery solutions designed specifically for enterprise IT organizations that manage extremely large and growing volumes of data," Thompson said. "Today, we're bringing that expertise to customers in a new product family with an extensible architecture that addresses their current and future data protection requirements. The VirtuoSO solution takes data protection to a new level, delivering the market's most efficient deduplication in a market leading solution that scales to greater levels of capacity and performance than any other product in the world."