SyncDog, SpydrSafe Partner on Mobile Security

SpydrSafe’s Mobile DLP is designed to control app access on mobile devices, telling the apps if they can share information with other apps users are opening.

Mobile security event correlation provider SyncDog announced a developer partner agreement with SpydrSafe Mobile Security, a provider of enterprise solutions for uniformed and granular policy control over a variety of mobile applications on Apple iOS and Google Android-based devices.

SpydrSafe’s Mobile DLP is designed to control app access on smartphones and tablets, specifically telling the applications whether they can share information with other applications users are opening. In addition, IT admins can specify corporate security policy for protected apps such as email, and blacklisted apps that might be outside the firewall, such as a DropBox shared cloud app. Upon breach of policy, the system denies access from the device with a training message to the user that the action is prohibited by IT policy.

"This solution has a very high degree of authentication and security at the application layer," SpydrSafe CEO Michael R. Pratt said in a statement. "With this technology partnership, SyncDog and SpydrSafe have created a mobile security solution that clearly demonstrates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

SyncDog, a division of mobile security consultancy and solutions provider IntegriCell Group, will provide multi-factor user authentication (MFA) while SpydrSafe will set policy rules and control application access to enterprise network environments. The combined solution is aimed at enterprise environments that rely on Common Access Card (CAC) authentication technology such as government, military and financial institutions.

"We don’t believe any other infosec vendors in our space are doing anything this significant with application access control," Jonas Gyllensvaan, SyncDog founder and CEO, said in a statement. "With our multi-factor authentication and SpydrSafe’s ability to blacklist any app, we are providing unmatched app security without compromising device functionality."

SyncDog will provide hardware-separated authentication through the IntegriCell KeyLime device. KeyLime is a hardware token about the size of a lime wedge that plugs into the standard 3.5mm audio jack available on a wide variety of mobile devices. Mobile carrier signal and WiFi connectivity is established only after KeyLime validates a match between the user’s unique ID and the KeyLime token. Once secure communication is established, the user can unplug KeyLime from the audio jack and insert headphones and use the device as normal, and KeyLime will continue to protect the device.

As mobility has edged its way into the workplace, increasing and complicating IT's workload, that has often leading to frustration on all fronts, including securing devices, along with the data and networks they use. This issue will always be a significant concern, according to a recent survey by CDW, which indicated managing mobility in the workplace presents a broad set of challenges, with IT departments and users alike agreeing that there is a support gap.

Despite ready availability of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions that can help IT by supporting and enforcing security policies, the survey found that just 37 percent of organizations have deployed or are deploying MDM, and just 36 percent have deployed or are deploying MAM solutions.