Vignettes V6 Gets a Tune-Up

Vignette adds new reporting, analysis capabilities to its flagship V6 content management platform.

Vignette Corp. announced Wednesday the addition of new reporting and analysis capabilities to its flagship V6 content management platform.

The new enhancements are designed to give Web site managers a better understanding of how content is being used at the site and to make improvements in how the content is organized and presented, Vignette officials said.

Company officials, in Austin, Texas, said that in addition to basic clickstream analysis, the new analytical capabilities also show content affinities and marketing campaign comparisons.

With an architecture built on Java, XML and SOAP, Vignette V6 can also integrate with third-party analysis and ad hoc reporting tools, provide easier configuration and customization, and provide a unified view of site visitor information across multiple sites and portals in an organization, Vignette officials said.

In other content management news this week, Applied Semantics Inc. announced late Tuesday a content processing application designed specifically for online and print publishers.

The new product, known as Applied Semantics News Series, provides content categorization, summarization, event identification, and concept tagging capabilities to automate newswire, editorial, archiving, and syndication processes.

News Series comes bundled with industry standard taxonomies, such as International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) Subject Codes and SIC Codes and works with XML standards, such as NITF, NewsML, ANPA and PRIS, company officials said.

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