Vu Launches TelePresence Videoconferencing System

The TelePresence solution comes in two models and includes a microphone, speakers and a pan-tilt zoom camera.

Vu TelePresence, a manufacturer of display systems, announced the availability of its TelePresence systems customized for the needs of small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) and the opening of Vu TelePoints, remote access conference suites available by the hour, to conduct videoconferencing with the Vu system. The TelePresence Pro solution is currently available for lease at $49.99 per month (without a display unit). The complete system can be purchased for $1499.
TelePresence operates across low bandwidth environments and is available for multiple room size options. Using lower bandwidth requirements, Vu TelePresence provides top line audio and video with HD picture quality (i.e., 1,047 billion colors), as well as multi-party conferencing, desktop screen-sharing capability, and 3,000 hours of video recording
"For those smaller organizations looking to grow, Vu TelePresence adds the sophistication of Fortune 500 technology without breaking the bank," says Chief Executive Officer Devita Saraf. "While other companies in the industry are focused on scaling down their large enterprise solutions to fit a different market, Vu is a customized solution specifically made for entrepreneurs and SMB professionals."
The system comes complete with the Vu Master Control Unit, a pan-tilt zoom camera with a 3.8 optical zoom and a 65-degree field of vision, speakers and a microphone. TelePresence is available in two models: TelePresence Pro for private conversations between five locations and aimed at individual practices, employee conferences, remote workers or employee offices, and Telepresence Premier, designed for a larger audience in settings such as boardrooms, meeting rooms and classroom environments.
The company also announced that Vu TelePoint locations, remote access conference suites equipped with TelePresence technology, are available in select areas across the country. Allowing professionals to stay connected to customers, prospects and employees when away from home are currently located in several large cities, including New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Oakland and Boston.
"Constant communications without sacrificing quality and affordability is long overdue, especially for SMBs," said Rich Reiffer, chief technology officer of Trivalent Group. "The Vu TelePresence device is one of the easiest teleconferencing systems I have personally ever used and there is extreme value in the product from the enterprise level down to a small shop. It is so fast that we have been able to use it with people joining on a conference phone and have the video stay in sync with the conference phone."
Saraf said the ability to -read' an individual's body language during a meeting, be it with prospects, clients, vendors or employees, is priceless. "Typical telecommunications like email, chat or phone simply cannot provide one a true sense of how a person -feels' about your communication. Vu solves these issues by -putting' you in the same room as your audience with the same benefits and productivity as being there in person," she said. "It cuts down meeting and talk time by approximately 50 percent."