Webroot Updates SecureAnywhere Mobile Protection Platform

Webroot also offers an app for Apple iOS devices to provide security for iPhones and iPads and includes lost device protection.

webroot and mobile security

Cloud-based, real-time Internet threat detection specialist Webroot announced updates to its SecureAnywhere mobile protection platform for businesses.

Webroot’s enhancements allow managed service providers (MSPs) and IT administrators insight into applications installed across all mobile devices under IT management.

The latest edition of SecureAnywhere includes visibility into employees’ risky mobile behavior, including downloading third-party apps and using public WiFi networks.

This enables enterprise-level visibility into mobile applications installed across businesses of all sizes, as well as insight into the specific security risks associated with those applications.

"Businesses are challenged with developing an enforceable mobile security policy that requires security on all devices accessing corporate networks and data," Cristian Novak, director of product management at Webroot, told eWEEK. "The variety of mobile devices, monitoring factory installed security applications and its settings, and operating systems requires a greater amount of IT support and resources to secure."

Novak noted that managing security from multiple consoles, if using different vendors for endpoint and mobile security, is often very challenging, and complex solutions, which may require on-premise deployments and complex non-security-based features, add additional layers of difficulties.

The newest version of SecureAnywhere, which supports both iOS and Android devices, is available online, and existing customers will receive new product features automatically through the cloud.

Webroot also offers an app for Apple iOS devices to provide security for iPhones and iPads and includes lost device protection for the more than 800 million iOS devices currently in use.

Rather than rely on standard iOS device management capabilities to protect devices, Webroot’s app introduces additional functionality for lost device protection that allows customers to remotely locate an Apple mobile device, make the device scream and lock or wipe the device if it’s misplaced or stolen.

The Webroot iOS app is also available for administrators to send download invitations to mobile device users they manage.

Device Information Visibility, which will be available in early 2015, provides Webroot customers insight into the location and security status of the mobile devices they manage, without interrupting the user, including indicators of devices with security risks and whether a device has been compromised.

The aim is to supply Webroot customers with the information to proactively minimize risks, maintain compliance with corporate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and protect the multitude of mobile devices connected to the enterprise network.

"Threats will continue to grow in 2015. According to research, 20 percent of all malware ever created appeared in 2013. Threats will be produced at a greater pace and with more complexity," Novak said. "However, the tools to combat threats are improving—mobile app reputation, IP reputation, secure Web browsing, cloud-based antivirus and anti-malware. Cloud-based security and robust threat intelligence will have profound impact on protecting businesses."

He warned business are constantly under attack and hackers are becoming more targeted and bold.

"Whaling—targeting high value individuals within a business is a newer threat that is on the rise," Novak said. "Ransomware has also become more prevalent. Attacks combining mobile and online activities to gather credentials are being used, and phishing remains an issue."