Wombat Releases Security Education Platform

The platform includes auto-enrollment in training modules, which helps ensure that users most susceptible to attack are being trained first.

wombat and security training

Cyber-security awareness and training solutions specialist Wombat Security Technologies announced upgrades to their Security Education Platform, a security awareness training solution that integrates mock phishing attacks and training capabilities in a unified platform.

Auto-enrollment in training modules helps ensure that users most susceptible to attack are being trained first, while the platform also sports a new look and feel with streamlined navigation.

Administrator and training portals have been combined to provide access through a single unified interface that can be used to create training assignments and reminders with new email features including an upgraded text editor and image library.

"Unfortunately, IT and security specialists can be more vulnerable than people may think. One of our larger customers assessed their 1,000 person IT department, and almost 35 percent of that department fell for the mock phishing attack they sent them," Joe Ferrara, president and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies, told eWEEK. "Generally, people would think security and IT specialists would know how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks, however that’s a dangerous assumption."

Customizable templates and workflows mean administrators can customize training notification templates to streamline workflows to facilitate internal approvals.

Ferrara said ideally, security IT specialists would have the right security behaviors so that they could teach and reinforce others what is safe and unsafe, and everyone should be assessed and educated to ensure they exhibit safe behaviors.

Additionally, administrators are able to encourage employees to engage in training in two ways--either by group assignments or free play which enables individual users to do training on their own time, while reporting in PhishGuru enables chief security officers (CSOs) and administrators customers to see the detail of mock attack "clicks" coming from unexpected locations.

"Wombat’s platform is specifically built to provide information security officers with the powerful tools they need to train employees how to recognize and avoid cyber-attack," Ferrara said. "Wombat’s platform integrates software-based interactive training, simulated attacks, knowledge assessments, reporting and administrative capabilities into one easy-to-use system. With Wombat’s Security Education Platform security officers seamlessly manage IT security awareness and training and employee assessment programs all from one cloud-based Enterprise-grade system."

Finally, sorting and classification features allow CSOs and security officers to view additional campaign details by department, location, device type and browser.

"Our customers have enjoyed benefits in many areas, including reduced successful phishing attacks by as much as 90 percent, reduced malware infections by as much as 95 percent, lower help desk call volumes, increased reporting of incidents by employees and an overall improved security posture," he said. "End users have also benefited because they can use their new protective skills at home to protect themselves and their families from cyber-attacks."