Zephyr Health Launches Voyager Mobile Analytics Platform

Zephyr’s solutions include global data for major disease and treatment areas, which can be augmented with an organization’s internal data for context.

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Zephyr Health announced the launch of Voyager, a mobile analytics and primary feedback platform for health care and life science customers.

Voyager, the mobile extension of Zephyr platform, automates the process of pushing insights to teams in the field and sending primary feedback back to home offices in real-time.

"Technology in general has helped numerous industries – from healthcare to education to business – become more efficient, enabling them to work smarter and at a lower cost," William King, founder and CEO of Zephyr Health, told eWEEK. "With the advent of mobile, this has only become more prolific, and health care and life science firms are no exception. More and more health care providers are using technology in their daily lives to improve patient care, whether it’s quicker and better access to their medical history through EHRs or easier ways to book appointments online."

King noted that pharmaceutical and medical device companies are using mobile technology to improve the process of bringing new therapies to market, a process that, according to The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, can take years and cost on average $2.6 billion.

Now, sales representatives and medical science liaisons using tablets will be able to validate target lists, analyze healthcare providers (HCPs) and institutions, and prioritize their activities, all from one mobile application.

"Zephyr Health uses mobile to help share critical insights across a huge constituency of health sciences stakeholders," King explained. "Through integrated applications on mobile, browsers, and in the cloud, Zephyr customers like Genentech and Medtronic are able to share key business insights with one swipe. Additionally, as new insights are uncovered Zephyr’s mobile applications allows for real-time communication and action."

The company’s products bring together disparate data sources and use advanced analytics to filter, aggregate, organize and visualize meaningful insights on demand.

Zephyr’s solutions include global data for major disease and treatment areas. Organizations can add in their own internal data for additional context.

Strategic insights are discovered through pre-built software applications that are designed specifically for clinical, commercial and medical affairs teams.

"In life sciences, there is a huge amount of data that remains disparate and disconnected. Much of this data still lives siloed in spreadsheets, and users aren’t able to see all-encompassing, 360-degree view of the healthcare and life science landscape," King said. "As a result, there are many enterprise software products that attempt to solve the issue of disconnected data – however they are often complicated, targeted at data scientists, and difficult for business people to use."

Zephyr has also integrated technology into its iPad app to allow for a secure environment as well as ease of use.

"In addition, we have performed a third- party security assessment review of our application to make sure that the security architecture and its implementation is sound and secure," King said.