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centrify and passwords

Consumers Hold Businesses Accountable for Protecting Data

Financial institutions have the best reputation when it comes to dealing with hacks relative to other industries, a new survey by IT security specialist Centrify finds.
unify and smbs

Small Businesses Adopting On-Demand Tools for Work

More than a third of knowledge workers in a Unify survey said they believe their roles will not exist after the next five years have passed.
emc and data protection

Data Protection Efforts Among Businesses Need Improvement

When it comes to protecting data born in the cloud, an EMC survey revealed less than half of all organizations are currently protecting cloud data.
ovum and 5g

North America, Asia to Lead 5G Services Rollout in 2020

Ovum's report on 5G adoption predicts North America and Asia each would account for more than 40 percent of global subscriptions at the end of 2021.
virtru and encryption

Virtru Launches Encrypted Search for Cloud-Based Email

Virtru integrates strong encryption directly into the most popular everyday apps, including Google Apps, Gmail and Outlook, to better secure data.
it security and smbs

Small Businesses Unprepared for Ransomware Threats

Nearly one quarter of small business owners are not sure how to, or are not aware of the need to, back up their system and files, a report by IDT911 found.
it security and fasoo

Careless Employees Cause Data Breaches at Businesses

Sales departments pose the greatest risk to both structured and unstructured information assets of a company, a report by the Ponemon Institute found.
bizagi and it management

Businesses Struggle to Implement Digital Transformation

The Bizagi survey indicated digital transformation is a particular problem for large, complex enterprises with disconnected legacy IT systems.
kyvos and big data

Kyvos Insights Updates Big Data Analytics Platform

The latest release of Kyvos Insights' big data analytics platform incorporates advanced security support and additional integration with BI tools.
health it and xerox

Telehealth Adoption Grows, but Hurdles Remain

The expansion in interest now is happening as broadband speed improves and smartphones become near-ubiquitous, a Xerox survey found.
secureauth and security

SecureAuth Threat Service Helps Protect Against Cyber-Crime

The platform provides context around an IP address such as the attack types and classification of the threat actors and infrastructure involved.
ctera and it management

CTERA Expands Enterprise File Services Platform With Endpoint Backup

CTERA's platform is a private cloud IT-as-a-service platform for storing, protecting and governing data across endpoints, remote offices and servers.

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