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Product Culls Web Content

New software from active Navigation Inc. promises to help businesses analyze Web content to identify the most important concepts, index the content and create links without HTML coding.

Outsourcing Desktop Support

Everdream and its main competitor, Centerbeam, have nailed the small-business trend we recently highlighted.

Market Outlook

Entertainment companies are retrenching when it comes to the Internet and digital content, but everyone is trying to figure out what they need to do to thrive in this brave, new world.

I Want My iTV

Savvy solutions providers are tuning in to interactive television.

High IQ Audio, Video

RealNetworks gets serious on streaming corporate media.

New Deals Open Portals to Content

Northern Light to offer Oracle content management features; Hummingbird's EIP expands plug-ins.

Accessing Control

Axent Webthority guards sites from unwanted visitors.

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