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Thus, a good business continuity strategy and process not only can keep vital data juices flowing, it can potentially save an entire enterprise.
Virtualization of computing and storage resources, which came of age in 2007 and 2008, has widened the technical boundaries for business continuity. BC now can be the savior to guard against something as simple as someone tripping over a power cord and disabling a home business desktop computer in the middle of an online transaction, for example.
In this recessionary age, the small example of business continuity is becoming as relevant as the enterprise version as large numbers of people move into independent businesses that include sales on eBay and Craigslist, among others.
In fact, CEO Jacques Baldinger of Paris-based virtualized storage software maker Seanodes uses that specific example when he is demonstrating his company's products to a potential customer.
"I'll be showing a system streaming a video, for example. Then I will ask my guest to pull out the [server rack] plug from the wall," Baldinger said. "Usually, they will shout, 'No! No! Don't do that!' Then I'll pull the plug for them. Of course the video keeps playing, uninterrupted, no matter what. That's the beauty of virtualization and BC."
In Seanodes' case, the software already has virtualized the storage capacity in an entire system into one large pool with servers located around the world, so it can be carved up and used for both storage and computing. The video streaming process isn't stopped because since it is using the whole system, it doesn't care if one or several servers suddenly go off line, blow up or get flooded in a monsoon.

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