EMC Launches 41 SMB Storage Products in Splashy Transatlantic Event

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EMC Launches 41 SMB Storage Products in Splashy Transatlantic Event

by Chris Preimesberger

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Landslide of New Storage Products

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Burton kicks off the EMC media event in New York City Jan. 18, an event in which the Hopkinton, Mass.-based corporation launched the largest number of new products at one time in its 32-year history.

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VNXe Entry-Level System

EMC's new VNXe storage systems are designed specifically for small and midsize companies and feature a starting price of about $10,000. EMC says the machines can be configured in a few minutes using a wizard interface to provision e-mail boxes and storage allotments, storage targets, access controls, and other policies for up to hundreds of e-mail users. EMC insisted that no advanced IT experience is necessary to install, provision and maintain this system. A live demonstration at the event illustrated these procedures.

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VNX Storage System Upgrade

EMC is positioning VNX as a unified platform for all applications, including file, block, and object data services. Due to its in-house Avamar-brand deduplication, users can gain up to 50 percent in capacity savings. EMC says customers can start with either file or block storage and upgrade later to unified storage that handles both.

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So Easy, a Fourth-Grader Can Provision It

EMC Vice President of Integrated Systems and Components Doug Wood gets a lesson from a fourth-grader named Edward, who provisions a VNXe storage server onstage in less than 2 minutes from his iPad. The demo showed that no advanced IT experience is necessary to install, provision and maintain a VNXe system. All you do is follow the wizard.

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Gelsinger Explains Upgraded Symmetrix

EMC Chief Operating Officer Pat Gelsinger explains the new features and capabilities of the company's high-end VMAX storage arrays. Gelsinger said that its Symmetrix VMAX software is leaner and quicker and capable of supporting petabytes of information and up to a whopping 5 million virtual machines. Among the new features are an advanced version of EMC's 2-year-old FAST (fully automated storage tiering) software.

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Data Domain GDA

The Data Domain Global Deduplication Array, aimed at large enterprises, processes up to 26.3TB/hr of content; provides up to 768TB raw capacity for global deduplication; features logical capacity of up to 28.5PB; supports backup applications that include EMC NetWorker, Symantec NetBackup, Backup Exec, IBM TSM and others now supported through a VTL software option.

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Data Domain 890 Deduplication Storage

The Data Domain DD890 Appliance, designed for large and midrange IT systems, can process up to 14.7TB/hr; holds up to 384TB in raw capacity; and features up to 14.2PB of logical capacity. It can provide seamless integration and up to 8.1TB/hr throughput for IBM i and open systems environments; can scale from 75TB to 14.2PB logical capacity; and provide network-efficient disaster recovery.

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Data Domain 860 Archiver

The Data Domain 860, the company's first automated archiving system, processes up to 9.8TB/hr; holds up to 192TB raw capacity and up to 7.1 PB logical capacity; and features data-in-place upgrades for future scalability. "The Archiver simply means that you can simply do away with any kind of tape archiving," Gelsinger said.

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Where EMCs Power Is Concentrated

EMC Chairman, President and CEO Joe Tucci offered a high-level look at the global storage marketplace during the presentation.

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Yes, These 26 People Did Cram into One Mini Cooper

This onstage stunt, performed by a lot of small people in a dance troupe called Pilobolus, was done on stage before the live audience in New York. A representative of the Guinness Book of World Records observed, sanctioning it as a legitimate world record for "Most Number of People to Get Inside a Mini Cooper and Stay There for at Least Five Seconds." The storage analogy was somewhat apparent: A lot of content can be crammed into a small space.

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Daredevil Jumps Over 40 Storage Racks

As part of the EMC event, motorcycle stunt rider Bubba Blackwell in Miami, Fla. completed a leap over 40 EMC Symmetrix racks—a distance of about 65 feet, 7 inches (or about 20 meters). The racks in total have a capacity of about 8PB. Funny, no one had ever attempted to jump over storage racks for Guinness before.

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