GigaSpaces, CloudTran Partner on Cloud-Based Data Processing

GigaSpaces' eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) and CloudTran partner to speed up database transaction processing.

GigaSpaces Technologies, a provider of virtualized application platforms delivering end-to-end scalability, announced CloudTran has integrated its transaction management middleware with GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform. The end result is a Java-based solution that runs large database infrastructures in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. GigaSpaces XAP is an end-to-end virtualized application platform featuring an in-memory data grid that can manage terabytes of data. Its infrastructure ensures high-speed processing with millisecond latency, while providing automatic failover.

XAP and CloudTran enable responsive transaction processing over distributed and cloud computing environments and is designed to provide for improvements in performance, availability, reliability and cost-efficiency of very large scale transaction processing. The combined XAP-CloudTran infrastructure is designed to help give IT organizations the tools and infrastructure components required to build and deploy database-focused enterprise applications in the cloud by providing a simple Java view of data, transactions and automatic distribution within public clouds, private clouds and hybrid combinations.

"We were seeking a platform that would allow us to offer extreme scalability, reliability and high-speed processing," says Tom Henn, president and CEO of CloudTran. "GigaSpaces XAP provides the back-end that allows our clients to build highly reliable database management systems while maintaining complete data integrity."

Henn said scalable applications require new approaches to transactional management and application architecture, and GigaSpaces XAP and CloudTran provide solutions to these issues so application developers can build top-speed, large-scale applications in less time and with lower risk.

GigaSpaces linearly scales at the in-memory data level, while CloudTran provides scalability at the persistent data level by logically organizing data stored across multiple computing nodes. By using XAP as the infrastructure, CloudTran can process thousands of transactions each second, which the company said makes it suitable for a range of online transaction processing solutions, such as payment processing, order entry and inventory tracking.

CloudTran provides a data modeling tool and a transaction manager that implements ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) transactions, and integrates the Gigaspaces in-memory grid and persistent data stores. CloudTran also provides hot failover recovery, which rebuilds data within the Gigaspaces' grid if a node fails.

"Enterprises need platforms that enable today's data-focused applications in the cloud," said Adi Paz, GigaSpaces executive vice president for marketing and business development. "With XAP and CloudTran, CIOs and development teams have the tools necessary to deliver scalable, database-intensive applications within any environment."