How to Perform Innovative Disaster Recovery for AIX and Power Systems - Page 3

High availability: recovery without recovering

The best way to recover from a disaster is not to have to recover at all. High Availability products offered on AIX maintain near real-time replicas of all data and applications on a hot-standby backup server that can assume a production role at a moment's notice. An additional advantage is that, in most cases, the replica server does not have to be located on the same site as the production server. Instead, it may be located across town, across the country or on the other side of the globe.

When a considerable distance separates the two servers, the backup is unlikely to be affected by a disaster that strikes the production facility. Consequently, when using a High Availability solution, it is not necessary to recover data and applications after a disaster. Instead, users can simply be switched to the remote backup server, with little interruption of business operations and virtually no lost data. Thus, a High Availability system can support RPOs and RTOs that are close to zero.

Combining the best of both worlds

High Availability solutions suffer from a similar, yet opposite problem to tape-based backups. Both systems store data only as of a particular point in time. With tape-based backups, that is typically some time during the previous night. With High Availability technology, the recovery point is always right now. That means with both tape-based backups and High Availability, it is impossible to recover data-whether single data items or a complete data center-to its state at any time other than the single recovery point. The answer is to combine High Availability and CDP.

For any AIX shop that has not reviewed its recovery strategies and tools recently, it's time to take another look. The demands for business resiliency have never been louder or stronger. Fortunately, the recovery products available on AIX have more than kept pace.

John Gay is Director of Sales Engineering at Vision Solutions, Inc. Prior to this, John served as the product strategist for Lakeview Technology (now merged with Vision Solutions). John also spent eight years in development with IBM and Sterling Commerce. John has eight years of experience in technical sales, with an emphasis on the business intelligence market. He can be reached at [email protected].