Network Appliance Unveils Expanded NAS Line

NetApp recently announced a raft of new NAS produces and technologies. The company's new gFiler NAS gateway product features compatiblity with IBM's TotalStorage and FAStT SAN line.

Network Appliance Inc. recently unveiled a range of new NAS products and technologies.

NetApps new storage gateway that is compatible with IBMs SAN products. The company designed its gFiler to work with IBMs TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server and FAStT products after IBM provided APIs and interfaces to NetApp.

The company also introduced two new high-end NAS appliances, a capacity increase for its nearline storage system, and new technology that protects against multiple drive failures in a single system.

Across its line of products, NetApp has added a new data protection technology that it calls RAID-DP. The company said the technology allows NetApp appliances to continue running even if there are two disk failures.

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