NexGen Releases n5 Series Solid State Storage Appliances

The expansion gives businesses larger storage capacity options and a range of redundant elements to boost security and data protection.

Storage specialist NexGen announced the expansion of its n5 Series of storage systems with Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) solid-state offerings in a range of configurations and all boasting both 10GbE and 1GbE network options in a compact 3U footprint. The appliances feature redundant storage processors, redundant fans, hot-swap disk drives, redundant power supplies and dual port SAS drives.

The NexGen n5 Series n5-100 and n5-50 systems will be available on Aug. 20 and the n5-150 system will be available Sept. 30 through the company€™s slate of authorized resellers, with list pricing for the three new n5 Series systems ranging from $55,000 to $108,000, according to a company release. The flagship n5-150 offers 2,400GB of solid-state capacity and 48TB of raw capacity, but businesses can choose between models starting with 16TB or 32TB of raw capacity.

€œThere is tremendous end-user value to be gained from judiciously employing solid-state storage as part of an overall storage approach. Our research indicates a clear shift toward end-users viewing solid-state technology as applicable for increasingly broad data center deployment and usage, and not just for specific applications or isolated workloads,€ Mark Peters, senior analyst at IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group, said in prepared remarks. €œBy offering high-end solid-state capabilities at affordable price points, NexGen€™s n5 Series solutions are well-positioned to bring that solid-state storage value into mainstream data centers.€

Among the major features of the appliances are service levels that automatically shift resources from non-critical to mission-critical applications as needed to ensure performance is maintained for an organization€™s more critical applications, even if the system is compromised. Business can also reduce unpredictable application performance and constant troubleshooting with Storage QoS from NexGen, which allows IT to set performance levels for all applications, managing performance the way they manage capacity.

€œNexGen€™s innovative solid-state storage systems and Storage QoS allow us to deliver extremely efficient, high quality IT services to our organization,€ Robert Samples, senior systems engineer at Kansas City Urology Care, said in a press statement. €œNexGen€™s n5 systems have a very small footprint compared with my existing storage, which chews up a ton of power, takes up roughly 15U of rack space and costs a fortune every year in maintenance and support. By comparison, the NexGen n5 takes up only 3U of rack space and utilizes about one-third of the power.€