Oracle Adding Pre-packaged Enterprise Analytics to Apps

eWEEK NEW PRODUCT NEWS: New options will include integrated analytics, autonomous database, packaged data models and best- practice KPIs.

SAN FRANCISCO—Oracle is sharing its business intelligence wealth with a wide selection of enterprise apps. It announced Sept. 17 at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 the availability of its first Oracle Analytics for Applications offering. The package is designed for the Fusion Cloud enterprise resource planning applications (Oracle ERP Cloud) that companies use to run their financial processes.

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It's only a matter of time before additional analytics options become available for other Oracle applications, including customer experience, supply chain management and others.

This is a trend we'll be seeing in the next few years from all the major IT vendors, because the storage, networking and computing infrastructure in general is now able to handle the heavy data traffic that comes with such powerful applications.

Oracle said its Analytics for Fusion ERP provides line-of-business users and decision makers with personalized analytics and improved cross-business analytics. It is built on the company's advanced analytics platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and powered by the industry’s first autonomous database, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based IT giant has been talking about ad nauseum at the conference.

The Analytics for Fusion ERP package, naturally, is integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud, a pre-built data pipeline, data model and best-practice KPIs (key performance indicators), the company said. Using the resulting machine learning-driven insights and self-service analytics, users are enabled to monitor and improve business performance, Oracle said.

Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP includes dashboards and visualizations delivered via the Oracle Analytics Cloud, connecting the entire enterprise and unifying KPIs across functions for a holistic view of enterprise performance.

In the future, Oracle Analytics for Applications will add further integrations and pre-built content for other Oracle cloud applications, including applications for human capital management (HCM), customer experience (CX) and supply chain management (SCM).

Chris Preimesberger

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