Rubrik Upgrades Management Package, Unveils New Appliance

Rubrik's new-gen backup and recovery software was developed by the key engineers who were also behind Google, Facebook, VMware and Data Domain.

Rubrik, which makes no bones about wanting to replace all conventional data backup-and-recovery point products that have taken 30-plus years for other people to develop, has added new functionality to its core data-management system.
The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company on Aug. 19 released version 2.0 of Rubrik Converged Data Management, which it claims will provide complete enterprise data protection and rich data services at global scale—and in a way that nontech people can understand.
Rubrik also introduced a new version of its data center appliance, the r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance, which is optimized for larger environments and those requiring longer data retention. The r348 provides up to 300TB of logical storage within a 2U unit and scales up to ten of thousands of nodes, Marketing Director John Koo told eWEEK.

Rubrik's software, developed by key engineers who were behind Google, Facebook, VMware and Data Domain, powers the company's Hybrid Cloud Appliance, which runs on the company's home-developed Converged Data Management Platform (RCDM).
Rubrik Converged Data Management introduces the industry's first data protection and instant recovery, while eliminating backup software, Koo said. Version 2.0 also packs replication and disaster recovery into the same scale-out fabric. Key features include:
Unlimited, nondisruptive replication: Asynchronous, deduplicated, WAN-efficient, multiway, and master-master native replication with zero impact on production
Integrated policy engine: Complete data protection, including off-site replication and cloud archival, by selecting desired recovery-point objectives (RPOs) and retention within a single integrated policy engine

Disaster recovery: With near-zero recovery-time objectives (RTOs) and elastic RPOs
Failover and failback with complete data management among multiple sites: Admins can mount data directly on Rubrik for instant off-site recovery
Compliance-readiness with action-oriented reporting: Replication policy compliance, including notifications on areas to troubleshoot

Built for Web-Scale Workloads
CEO and co-founder Bipul Sinha told eWEEK in May that his hybrid cloud appliance is the industry's "first converged data management system built on Web-scale IT. All the previous systems have been around for decades and were not built for big data and Web-type workloads, plain and simple. This is really the first big innovation in backup and recovery in 10 years."
The r300 series, included the new e348, is anchored by Rubrik's Cloud-Scale File System, a distributed system built from scratch that mirrors Google Colossus—the ultrafast file system that makes Google Search possible. Rubrik converges backup software and backup storage into a single data lake using a connecting fabric, much in the same way that Nutanix has simplified the primary IT environment with a single fabric.
This infrastructure connects directly to the public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google) to give users a hybrid cloud infrastructure, Sinha said. "So there is no need to go to the tape anymore. You can move data and files to and from the cloud (or from your on-site storage) without needing to know exactly where your data is," Sinha said.
All of an enterprise's data and files are in one large, hardware- and cloud-connected data lake (or ocean, as may be the case) that can be searched backward and forward using metadata, in the style of a time machine. Rubrik connects them all in one big, virtualized file system. Everything looks as if it's in the same store.
Conventional backup/recovery is "too expensive, too brittle, too complex for the new world of IT," Sinha said. "With Rubrik, you only need to buy one thing. That one thing runs on commodity hardware and scales on commodity hardware, just like Google, Amazon [and] Facebook. If you have a small environment, you buy one box, which has four nodes; if you have a very large environment, you can buy hundreds of boxes of four-node clusters. But they still manage a single system."
Rubrik's Hybrid Cloud Appliances are globally available through the company's partners. Go here for more information.

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